Converting To Academy Status

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Frequently asked questions

What is the primary driver of a move to convert to Academy status?

Given that so many other local schools have converted, or are currently in the process of converting, the governors consider that if we do not initiate this change, it is increasingly likely that the future may be taken out of our hands. This could mean that remaining maintained schools are forced to become academies or are placed as lesser partners in established Multi Academy Trusts. If that happens it would result in a total loss of control over the future of the school and this is not a risk the governors will take.

Will the school name or uniform change?

No. We are The Reginald Mitchell Primary School and will proudly keep our name and the current uniform. In the future the school might at times additionally refer to their membership of the ‘Children First Learning Partnership’.

Will any staff leave?

No. There are absolutely no plans for anything like this to happen. In fact, a major drive to form our MAT is to provide better CPD (continuing professional development) and enhanced career opportunities for all our staff.

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