We will ask you to complete some regular tasks:

Set Menu

  1. Spellings linked to the end of year common exception word list and spelling patterns being taught in school (Y1-6)
  2. Daily reading- just a couple of pages followed by a discussion about what has been read.
  3. Daily Timetables – chanting in the car, walking home, quick and fun! (Y2-6 only)

Then please encourage your child to complete as many of the activities from the year group menu as they like at home, but NO LESS than 3 over the half term. This can be recorded (if appropriate) in our homework books.

If you have any questions or would like to email homework into school, you can do so at the following email addresses:

Nursery: homeworknurs@reginaldmtchell.staffs.sch.uk
Reception: homeworkrec@reginaldmtchell.staffs.sch.uk
Year 1: homeworky1@reginaldmtchell.staffs.sch.uk
Year 2: homeworky2@reginaldmtchell.staffs.sch.uk
Year 3: homeworky3@reginaldmtchell.staffs.sch.uk
Year 4:homeworky4@reginaldmtchell.staffs.sch.uk
Year 5: homeworky5@reginaldmtchell.staffs.sch.uk
Year 6: homeworky6@reginaldmtchell.staffs.sch.uk

We expect pupils to complete as many of the activities from the homework menus as they can, however no less than 3 per half term, 1 every 2 weeks. We will ask for homework books in every 2 weeks in order for us to share and celebrate this learning (you will receive a text to remind you). A new menu will be available at the start of each term. Homework can be done as and when you get time and offers some choice to your child too!

Below is also our homework policy.

Homework Policy

Should you require a paper copy of anything on our website please contact the school office on 01782 973835

Homework Menu - 2022-2023