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All children have access to a number of websites to support learning at home – passwords in planner or please contact class teacher – passwords in planner or please contact class teacher – passwords in planner or please contact teacher – password in planner or please contact teacher – Username: student27995 Password: reginald – Username: regmitch1 Password: rainbow

Abacus – Years 3 to 6 only- passwords in planners or please contact class teacher

Ten Town – Nursery, Reception and Year 1 only passwords in planners or please contact class teacher


Educational games can also be accessed on sites such as:




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Home learning packs

13.7.20 – 17.7.20 – last week of summer term


Day  1 – #Lesson Presentation Clever Circles  Differentiated activities – Drawing Circles Activity Sheets Challenge – Clever Circles Extra Challenge

Day 2 –#Lesson Presentation Circle Algebra Activities –  Differentiated Circle Algebra Activity Sheets Challenge –Circles Extra challenge –Circle Algebra Challenge

Day 3 – PowerPoint – Read and Interpret Pie Charts  Differentiated activities –  Read and Interpret Pie Charts Challenge – Read-and-interpret-pie-charts

Day 4 – PowerPoint – Draw Pie Charts  Differentiated activities – Horizontal Format – Draw Pie Charts

Day 5  – PowerPoint – The Mean  Differentiated activities – Horizontal Format – The Mean


Day 1: Research year  6 leavers assemblies on the internet and make notes.

Day 2: Plan a leavers assembly – consider what scenes/sketches and what music/songs you  would like to include.

Day 3: Write  a leavers assembly script – ensure everybody has a part.

Day  4 – Prepare a powerpoint to support your assembly. Think about backdrops.

Day 5 – Add hyperlinks to the songs/sounds you wish to include and show your parents your finished leavers assembly.

Topic: Plan a summer music festival

Day 1 – Summer Music Festival Lesson 1 Powerpoint Activity sheet – Summer Music Site Plan

Day 2 – Summer Music Festival Lesson 2 Powerpoint Activity sheet – Summer Music Festival Costing Sheet

Day 3 – Summer Music Festival Lesson 3 Powerpoint  Activity sheet – Summer Music Festival Income Activity Sheet

Day 4 – Summer Music Festival Lesson 4 Powerpoint  Activity sheet – Summer Music Festival Programme Planning Activity Sheet

Day 5 – Summer Music Festival Lesson 5 Powerpoint  Activity sheet – Summer Music Festival Design


6.7.20 – 10.7.20

Maths: Day 1 – Introducing ratio: Introduction to Ratio Presentation  Activities – Simple Ratios of Quantities   Challenge – Introducing ratio

Day 2 – Calculating ratio: Lesson Presentation Solving Ratio Problems  Differentiated activities – Solving Ratio Problems Challenge – Calculating-ratio Extra challenge – Extra Challenge

Day 3 – Lesson Presentation Introducing Proportion   Differentiated activities – Introducing Proportion  Challenge – Extra Challenge

Day 4 – Lesson Presentation Solving Proportion Problems  Differentiated activities –Solving Proportion Problems Challenge – Extra Challenge

Day 5 – Lesson Presentation Ratio Reasoning  Differentiated activities – Ratio Reasoning Challenge – Ratio-and-proportion-problems

English – Day 1:045_The_Artist_2  Day 2:048_The_Miniature_Castle  Day 3: 318_The_Secret_Library Day 4: 270_Festival_of_colours  Day 5: 266_The_Mysterious_Door


Day 1 – Being unique  Uniqueness Take a piece of cellotape and put over  your thumb, peel it off and observe your fingerprint – everybody’s is unique. Write a report about fingerprints using the internet, why are they important  and what makes them unique?

Day 2  – Body image – Does what we see in social media have a negative impact on us? Positive Body Image ppt

It is important to not to compare ourselves to others and remember the good qualities that we have. Consider all the positive things about yourself ie achievements, lovely smile, fantastic hair etc.  Fill in the body with positive words about yourself using the body outline doc

Day 3 – Body image.  Consider yesterdays lesson and how media/apps can change what we really see. Look at the photo – write what effect the air brushing has on the  photo Air brushed image on the image. Consider how the girl might feel sharing both photos. We all have insecurities and can worry at times how we like portray ourselves but it is important to remember the positives that we all have to offer. Self-Esteem Smoothies. Use the Self-Esteem Smoothies template design an ingredients label for your self-esteem smoothie Self esteem smoothies

Day 4 – Making sense of relationships – Think about starting secondary school. Record your  ideas in each section of the Relationships 1. Include: the feelings you might experience, challenges you might face, opportunities
that might arise, questions you might have. Share with your mum and dad.

Day 5 – High school – You may have heard lots about what secondary school is like. Sometimes this information is really helpful. Read the Truth  or myth cards, and sort them into three piles: truth, myth, not sure. Discuss your choices with your mum and dad and compare against the answers Truth and myth answers. Discuss with your parents where you can find out the true information .

29.6.20 – 3.7.20

Maths:  Day 1 Area and perimeter – PowerPoint- Area and Perimeter  Differentiated activities –  Area and Perimeter

Challenge – Area-and-perimeter

Day 2 Area of a parallelogram  – PowerPoint – Area of a Parallelogram Differentiated activities –Area of a Parallelogram  Challenge – Area-of-a-parallelogram

Day 3 Area of a triangle 1 PowerPoint – Area of a Triangle (1)  Differentiated activities – Area of a Triangle (1)

Challenge – Area-of-a-triangle-1

Day 4 PowerPoint – Area of a Triangle (2)  Differentiated activities – Area of a Triangle (2) Challenge – Area-of-a-triangle-2

Day 5 PowerPoint – Area of a Triangle (3)  Differentiated activities – Area of a Triangle (3) Challenge – Area-of-a-triangle-3

English: Day 1 –051_Stargazer  Day 2 – 231_Shipwreck Day 3 – 234_Builders Day 4 – 237_After_work Day 5 – 329_Egg-shaped

Topic: Science – Day 1 –  Research Charles Darwin and write a profile, explain his theories (adaption and survival of the fittest) and why some people found them difficult to except.

Day 2 – Complete birds beaks investigation. If you don’t have the required equipment adapt the experiment and instead  of rice you could use pasta or lego blocks, if you don’t have forceps use two different size spoons Bird-beaks-investigation

Day 3 – Inheritance.  Google pictures of owners who look like their dogs is this down to inheritance? Research the meaning of inheritance and what you may inherit from your parents. Create a family tree for the simpsons (draw great gran parents and what you think they would look like). List what the characters have inherited.

Day 4 – Art – Google: Camouflage in Henri Rousseau paintings. Draw and colour your own picture based on Camouflage in Henri Rousseau paintings.

Day 5 – PSHE – Listen to a big bag of worries

List  how the girl was feeling at each  point of the story. What could her bag of worries have been? How did she deal with each of the worries? Design your own bag of worries and fill it with any worries you may have. Discuss your worries with a friend  or your mum/dad.


22.6.20 – 26.6.20 National sports week

Maths Day 1: Finding a one step rule – PowerPoint – Find a Rule   Differentiated activities – Find a Rule – One Step  Challenge – Find-a-rule-one-step-

Day 2 – PowerPoint – Find a Rule – Two Step  Differentiated activities –  Find a Rule – Two Step  Challenge – Find-a-rule-two-step

Day 3 – PowerPoint – Forming Expressions  Differentiated activities – Forming Expressions Challenge  – Forming-expressions

Day 4 – PowerPoint – Substitution  Differentiated activities – Substitution Challenge – Substitution

Day 5 – PowerPoint – Forming Equations  Differentiated activities – Forming Equations Challenge – Forming-equations

English – Day 1: 47_waiting  Day 2– 74_jumbled  Day 3 – 160_Dragonworld  Day 4 – 165_samurai  Day 5 – 243_isolation

Sports week activities – Day 1 –

Day 2 –

Day 3 –

Day 4 –

Day 5 –

Science Day 1  – Plan a menu for the day.  Research the calories needed for your age and what calories you would be eating. Try and plan a menu with the correct calories for your age.

Day 2 – Sort yesterdays menu into the correct food groups ie carbohydrates, protein etc. Is your menu balanced?

Day 3 – Research the  positive effects of exercise on the body. Make a poster  to encourage people to exercise.

Day 4 – Take your pulse (15secs x 4)  before you exercise then whilst exercise every 30 secs. What do you notice? Can you record your data  in a graph?

Day 5 – Research the different muscle groups. Plan a exercise circuit to exercise as many muscle groups as possible. Can you include cardio and strength exercises?

15.6.20 – 19.6.20

Maths: Day 1: Decimal place value PowerPoint – Three Decimal Places   B – Decimals-up-to-2-dp S – Decimals up to-3 d.p  G –  Three Decimal Places

Day 2 – Adding decimals PowerPoint – Adding Decimals with a Different Number of Decimal Places  B – Adding decimals B  S –Adding-decimals  G – Adding Decimals

Day 3 – Subtracting decimals PowerPoint – Subtracting Decimals With a Different Number of Decimal Places B – Subtract decimals B  S – Subtracting-decimals  G – Horizontal Format – Subtracting Decimals

Day 4 – PowerPoint – Multiply Decimals by Integers  B – multiplying decimals  S – Multiply-decimals-by-integers       G – Multiply Decimals by Integers

Day 5 – PowerPoint – Divide Decimals by Integers  B – Divide-4-digits-by-whole numbers S – Divide-decimals-by-integers G –  Divide Decimals by Integers

English: Day 1: 162_Underneath Day 2: 244_The_lighthouse Day 3: 55_theartist Day 4:  081_The_line-out Day 5: 82_whenwewereyoung


Day 1: Make a list of things that have  changed over the last year ie changing hairstyle, changing friendships, hobbies, lockdown, having more responsibility. Record under headings ‘sudden change, difficult change, exciting change and small change’ and consider how change made you feel. Make poster how change affected you at the time.

French: Copy and paste the link (you can download the app for free) in to google and practice your French

Day 2: Recap changes work from yesterday. Consider positive and negative strategies to cope with change then complete the attached sheet coping with change

Reading: Mythical Stories from Different Cultures The Story of Theseus and the Minotaur

Day 3: Consider when changed has happened and think about something positive that came from that  change ie new school, new baby etc. Think of an exciting positive change that might happen for someone their age over the next few years ie starting high school- write a diary page of the positive change.

P.E – Type in the address on you tube and complete one of the 30min workouts

Day 4: When thinking about coping with change can we come up with a toolkit/guide to help someone going through change.  Ideas could include: talking to friends and family, seeking help from someone in school, keeping diary etc

Shang Dynasty – Activity Sheet Shang Artefacts Description Lesson Presentation Shang Artefacts

Day 5: Summer Term Quiz week 2

8.6.20 – 12.6.20


Day 1: Order FDP – Powerpoint – Order FDP  Activity – B: FDPS: Order-FDPG: Horizontal Format – Order FDP

Day 2: Percentages/fractions of amounts –  B: Fractions-of-an-amount

S – Percentage-of-an-amount  G –  Percentages Missing Values

Day 3: Multiply and dividing by 10/100/1000 Presentation Planets Differentiated actitivies: Planet Problems Sheets Challenge: Multiply and divide by 10/100/1000

Day 4: Multiply and dividing by 10/100/1000 Presentation Time Flies Differentiated Activity Sheets Challenge:Multiply and divide by 10/100/1000

Day 5: Multiply and dividing by 10/100/1000 Presentation Left or Right Differentiated activities: Activities

Challenge – Multiply-and-divide-by-10-100-and-1000

English: Day 1 – 176_thesplit  Day 2 – 300_locked  Day 3 – 78_oldrailroad    Day 4 – 79_aroundtheworld

Day 5 – 175_withoutgravity

Topic :

Day 1  – PSHE – Emotions –

Recap emotions– (happiness, fear, excitement, anger, sad, jealous, disappointment, embarrassment). Research key synonyms for each emotion. Are there colours/shapes/words animals/characters that you associate with particular feelings? Could different lettering styles represent the feelings  – record as a poster.

Activity:   Research synonyms for a particular feeling and create poster – consider colours/shapes/animals/letter styles.

French: Copy and paste the link (you can download the app for free) in to google and practice your French

Day 2 – Think, feel, do – Read Paula’s story and consider how you would feel Paula’s story  Complete  the sheet – Feel/act/do

Captain Tom Moore_reading

Day 3 – What  happens when I feel? Research pictures of people wearing PPE – write a  list of feelings for the people wearing PPE and you – say what they/you might be feeling those feelings and compare.

P.E – Type in the address on you tube and complete one of the 30min workouts

Day 4 – What does anxiety/worry look like to you? Examples – stomach ache, headaches, feeling sick, nervous, heart racing. Consider many people have felt these over lockdown/going to the shops returning to school… Draw a picture  about what worries you and the feelings you might experience. Consider how we could over come worries and calm ourselves down …. Read the Imaginative journey and practice the techniques to release stress.

Shang Dynasty – Lesson Presentation Shang Artefacts Activity Sheet Shang Artefact Study

Day 5 – Recap yesterdays session and consider techniques to release stress.  Create a guide to help people to overcome worries.

Summer Term Quiz week 2


1.6.20 – 5.6.20

Maths: Understanding percentages Day 1 – Lesson Presentation Percentage

Differentiated activities – Percentage Colouring Differentiated Activity Sheets

Challenge –  Step 8 Understand Percentages

Day 2 – Lesson Presentation Comparing Decimals  Differentiated activities – Percentage Equivalent Jigsaw

Day 3 – Lesson Presentation Race to 100 Percent Differentiated activities –  Differentiated Race to 100 Game Cards  Challenge – Equivalent FDP

Day 4  – Lesson Presentation Fractions and Percentages  Activities – Fractions Decimals and Percentages Activity Sheet   Challenge – Horizontal Format – Fractions to Percentages

Day 5  –Lesson Presentation Solving Problems  Differentiated activities – Differentiated Solving Problems Trail Questions Cards

English: Day 1 – 240_gravity  Day 2_wildhorses   Day 3 –326_adayinlifeof

Day 4 – 76_lost   Day 5 – 171_likefather

Topic: Inside out – Day 1 – Recap emotions from the film –

Consider emotions over last 10 weeks and where you have felt them. Activities –

B: Draw an instance with each emotion and consider whether it was a helpful emotion to feel at that time.
S: Draw an instance with each emotion and consider were any other emotions felt alongside it?
G: Draw an instance where each emotion has been experienced, and record what that looked like in your body (e.g. crying/smiling etc).

French: Copy and paste the link (you can download the app for free) in to google and practise your French

Day 2 –

Recap emotions Inside Out Character Profiles – Consider ways we can recognise emotions both in ourselves and in others

Activities – B – Draw character and label with emotion S: Draw and label characters who may be feeling the range of emotions.
G: Consider, draw and compare reactions that may apply to multiple emotions – e.g. crying with happiness or because you’re sad…

Reading – Activity Sheet Differentiated Dragon Bones Mystery Cracked Comprehension

Day 3 –

Inspirational quotes – Inspirational Quote Task

B: Use Disney quotes or quotes from the inside out film and design your own poster.
S: generate own quotes and use Disney pictures to support.

G: generate own quotes and design pictures to support. Decorate for display.

R.E – #Lesson Presentation What Is Freedom  Differentiated sheets Activity Sheet What Kind of Freedom

Day 4 –

Recap each emotion. Research a range of artwork that represent each emotion and say why.

P.E – Type in the address on you tube and complete one of the 30min workouts

Day 5 – Summer Term Quiz week 1

Shang Dynasty – Lesson Presentation Dragon Bones 1  Activities – Activity Sheet Conducting a Divination Ceremony Events    Activity Sheet Conducting a Divination Ceremony Comic Strip



Maths: Dividing fractions word problems – Watch the powerpoint and look at the example poster Lesson Presentation Fraction Word Problems Dividing Fractions Example Poster   Differentiated activities – Dividing Fractions Word Problems Activity Sheet   Challenge – Extra Challenge Activity Sheet

Writing: 323_Flying_2

Topic: Watch the powerpoint, use the internet to research each area – Lesson Presentation Gods and Kings Activity Sheet Shang Religion Notes Choose an area and design a presentation –  Ancestor Worship    Ceremonies Activity  The King   Tombs and Burial


Maths: Dividing fractions by integers (whole numbers) watch the powerpoint and look at the example poster then complete the activities- Lesson Presentation Dividing Fractions Example Poster Differentiated activities – Dividing Fractions Activity Sheet  Challenge – Extra Challenge Activity Sheet

Writing: 169_Jurassic

ICT: Now is the time to edit your documentary #Lesson Presentation Editing Activity Sheet Video Editing

Reading: Differentiated-Reading-Comprehension-The-Moon


Maths: Multiplying fractions reasoning – Lesson Presentation Multiplying Fractions Reasoning  Differentiated activities – Multiplying Fractions Reasoning Activity Sheet

Writing: 331_The_discovery

P.E. Type in the address on you tube and complete one of the 30min workouts

Art: Research Pablo Picasso, make a fact file and choose one of his paintings to draw in his style.


Maths: Multiplying fractions word problems – Lesson Presentation Word Problems  Differentiated activities – Multiplying Fractions Word Problems Activity Sheet  Challenge – Extra Challenge Activity Sheet

Writing: 245_Unlikely_friends

R.E.#Lesson Presentation Evaluation   Activity Sheet Personal Meaning   Activity Sheet My Thoughts

Reading: Reading-Comprehension-The-Sun


Maths: Multiplying fractions by fractions Watch and Lesson Presentation Multiplying Fractions   Differentiated activities – Multiplying Fractions Activity Sheet   Challenge Multiply Fractions by Fractions

Writing: 247_It_must_be_magic

Science: Watch the powerpoint and use the internet, plant and animal examples  to create a field guide to classify organisms in your  local area – #Lesson Presentation Field Guide   Animal examples – Animals ID Sheet  Plant examples – Plants ID Sheet   Bronze – Activity Sheet Field Guide    Silver – Activity Sheet Field Guide    Gold – Activity Sheet Field Guide


Maths:  Multiplying fractions by integers – Lesson- Multiply Fractions By Integers   Bronze – Multiply-fractions-by-integers-B  Silver – Multiply-unit-and-non-unit-fractions-S  Gold – Multiply Fractions by Integers

Writing: 174_Explorers

P.E. – Target ball

Topic – Lesson Presentation Living in the Shang Dynasty   Activity sheet – Activity Sheet The Shang Dynasty’s Social Hierarchy


Maths: Multiplying fractions by integers (whole numbers) Multiplying-Fractions-by-Whole-Numbers 

Differentiated activities: Multiply fractions by whole numbers     Challenge:  word problems

Writing: 241_The_invisible_man

P.E: Move in time

ICT: #Lesson Presentation Interviewing     Activity Sheet Be an Interviewer


Maths: Silly-SATs—reasoning

Writing: 172_Creature_from_the_deep

P.E. – Hot potato

Art: Watch the powerpoint KS2 Drawing Techniques PowerPoint  then choose one of the pictures to copy using shading -Copy-the-Picture


Maths: Adding/subtracting mixed number fractions lesson Bronze – Add-mixed-numbers  Silver – Mixed-addition-and-subtraction Gold – Mixed Addition and Subtraction

English: Silly-SATs—reading

R.E. – Lesson Presentation The Christian Belief     Activity Sheet Commitments

P.E – The joy of moving: Keepy uppy



Maths: Adding fractions to  total one – Presentation Differentiated activities – Fraction Pairs Totalling One Whole – Activity Sheet

English – Silly-SATs—Spelling-Script Silly-SATs—spelling Silly-SATs—grammar

P.E. The joy of moving week – Hand hockey

Science: #Lesson Presentation More About Microorganisms1  Differentiated activities: Activity Sheet Make a Microorganism


8.5.20 – Bank holiday. VE day activities

KS2 VE Day Information PowerPoint

VE Day Party


Wartime Recipe Booklet Union Jack Flag Union Jack Bunting Simple WW2 Spitfire Glider Activity Paper Craft KS2 VE Day Themed Colouring Pages KS2 VE Day Differentiated Fact File ‘Code-Cracking for Beginners’ Morse Code Worksheet


Maths: Subtracting fractions – Presentation  Differentiated activities – Subtracting Fractions Stained Glass Designs Activity Sheets   Challenge – Subtract-fractions

Writing: 253_New_York_is_falling

French: Copy and paste the link (you can download the app for free) in to google and practise your French

ICT: Now is the time to film your lockdown documentary (Use phones/IPads) #Lesson Presentation

Filming Activity Sheet Advanced

Film-Making Techniques



Maths: Lesson Presentation – Adding fractions  Differentiated activity sheets – Adding Fractions Match Up Activity Sheets Challenge – Add-and-subtract-fractions

Writing: 178_Fairytale_Ending

P.E. – Type in the address on you tube and complete one of the 30min workouts

Art: Watch the powerpoint on  artist Hokusai and create your own picture in his style – #Lesson Presentation Hokusai


Maths: Comparing fractions –  Lesson Presentation Shooting Stars Bronze – Compare-and-order-fractions Silver – Compare-and-order-fractions    Gold –Compare and Order

Writing: 056_Professor_Plum

R.E.  – #Lesson Presentation The Evidence    Activities – Activity Sheet Evidence          Activity Sheet Key Events

Activity Sheet Presentation Template


Maths: Fractions equivalents  – Lesson Presentation Amazing Equivalents Differentiated activities – Amazing Equivalents Activity Sheet Challenges – Equivalent Fractions

Writing: 059_Mr_Wolf

Reading: Continue to listen to your chosen story –

Science: Watch the powerpoint and sort harmful and helpful microorganisms #Lesson Presentation Microorganisms 1  Activity – Helpful or Harmful Cards Microorganism Names


Maths: Problem solving activities – watch the videos and complete one of the activities   activity – Lesson-3-Problem-Solving      activity – Lesson-4-Problem-Solving

Writing: 324_A_mysterious_shadow

Reading: rio-2016-olympic-games-differentiated-reading

ICT:  Use the internet to research and add content to your planned lockdown documentary – #Lesson Presentation Research and Sources   Websites to use – Activity Sheet Reliable Websites  Activity sheet – Activity Sheet Research and Sources


Maths: Decimals – compare and order Lesson Presentation Number Squeeze   Differentiated activities -Bronze  – Horizontal Format – Order Decimals    Silver – Horizontal Format – Order and Compare Decimals   Gold  Horizontal Format – Number Squeeze

Writing: 088_The_Piano

French: French: French: Copy and paste the link (you can download the app for free) in to google and practise your French

Topic: Find, locate and label the map of China Lesson Presentation Place in Time L2    Blank map – Activity Sheet Blank Map of China



Maths: Decimals place value – #Lesson Presentation Alien Invaders   Alien Invaders Activity Sheet         Extra Challenge Activity Sheet

Writing: Please click on the link and follow instructions of a super hero  poetry competition and how to enter – The-Reading-Realm-Superhero-Poetry-Competition-2020

P.E – Type in the address on you tube and complete one of the 30min workouts

Art: Watch the powerpoint #Lesson Presentation Drawing Shells in Colour and use one of the images to draw a shell –


Maths: Investigating and drawing 3D nets: Watch the powerpoint then copy and make 3D shapes by drawing the nets from the activity  sheet – Lesson Presentation Drawing Shape Nets  Can it be built? Can It Be Built Resource Sheet Differentiated activities – Differentiated Drawing Shape Nets Activity Sheet    Challenge – Extra Challenge Activity Sheet

Writing: 069_A_giant_s_game

R.E. #Lesson Presentation The Life of Jesus  Activity  sheet – Activity Sheet Ladder of Control

Reading: great-british-olympians-mo-farah


Maths:  Angles in quadrilaterals – watch the powerpoint or video: Lesson Presentation Quadrilaterals  Differentiated activities: Differentiated Quadrilateral Missing Angles Activity Sheets          Extra Challenge Activity Sheet

Writing: 179_The_mirror_in_the_attic

Reading: Choose and listen to a book from

Science: Watch the powerpoint, then design and classify your own creature #Lesson Presentation Curious Creatures Activity sheets:Activity Sheet Curious Creatures


Maths: Angles in a triangle. Watch the videos and choose on of the activities – Activities – angles in triangles 1 Angles in triangles 2 angles in triangles 3

Writing: 085_The_Visitor

ICT: Making a  documentary about life in lockdown.  Lesson 1 – watch the powerpoint and write a script – #Lesson Presentation Writing a Script   Prompt sheets – Activity Sheet Film-Making Tips Activity  Sheet Writing a Script – Sample Plan    Activity – Activity Sheet Writing a Script


Maths: Calculating angles in triangles. Watch the powerpoinr or the attached video link  – Lesson Presentation Triangles     Differentiated activities – Differentiated Triangle Missing Angles Activity Sheets  Gold  –  Angles in a Triangle

Writing: 332_Robin_Hood

French: French: Copy and paste the link (you can download the app for free) in to google and practise your French

Topic: Research the Shang dynasty and create a fact file.



Maths: Angles around a point – #Lesson Presentation Angles at a Point  Differentiated activities – Differentiated Missing Angles at a Point Activity Sheet  Challenge – Extra Challenge Activity Sheet

Writing: 084_The_Wilderness

P.E – Type in the address on you tube and complete one of the 30min workouts

Art: #Lesson Presentation Drawing Fish Watch the powerpoint and use one  of the images to draw fish 

21.4.20 – Queen Elizabeth’s birthday

Maths: Calculate vertically opposite angles – #Lesson Presentation Vertically Opposite Angles  Differentiated activities – Differentiated Vertically Opposite Angles Activity Sheets   Challenge – Vertically Opposite Angles Extra Challenge Black and White

Writing: 334_The_Writer

R.E.  Read the powerpoint then separate the statements using the Venn diagram – #Lesson Presentation Free Will or Determination    Venn diagram – Activity Sheet  Venn diagram       Statements – Activity Sheet Game Cards

Reading: Queens Elizabeth’s birthday Queens birthday



Maths:  Calculate angles on a straight line – #Lesson Presentation Angles on a Straight Line Differentiated activities –  Missing Angles on a Straight Line Activity Sheets      Challenge: Extra Challenge Activity Sheet

Writing: 256_Watery_world

Science: Living things and their habitats – watch the powerpoint then use the example to  classify the animals. #Lesson Presentation Classifying Conundrums    Classifying example: Activity Sheet Zoo Classification Example     Animal  list:Zoo Animals List     Classifying activity sheets – Activity Sheet Zoo Classification


Maths: Squared numbers  – Presentation Square It Bronze_squared   Silver_squared Gold – Square Numbers

Challenge: Presentation Cube It   Differentiated Cube Creator Activity Sheets

Writing: 252_On_the_prowl

Topic: The Trojan war  – write a diary extract from a soldiers perspective. Lesson Presentation The Trojan War          Trojan War Diary Entry  


Maths: Division – Lesson:Formal Written Method of Short Division 3 Digit Numbers      Bronze_short division      Silver_short division    Gold_mastery short division

Lesson: Formal Written Method of Long Division 4 Digit Numbers    Gold long division

Writing: 029_Animal_Town

French: Copy and paste the link (you can download the app for free) in to google and practise your French

Read the powerpoint and design your own Greek vase based on the Battle of Marathon – Ancient Greek pottery Greek vase -Sheet


Maths: Factors – Presentation Common Factors   Bronze_factors   Silver_ factors Gold – Common Factors

Writing: 218_Queen_Bee

PE: PE: Type in the address on you tube and complete one of the 30min workouts

Reading: battle-of-the-somme-ks2-differentiated-comprehension-activity


Maths: Multiples Lesson Presentation Multiple Madness   Bronze_multiples   silver_multiples   Gold_multiples

Writing: 028_Rumpelstiltskin

Reading: Reading-Comprehension-Planet-Earth

R.E: #Lesson Presentation The Easter Story   Activity Sheet Timeline


Maths: T2-M-1844-Year-6-Calculation-Formal-Multiplication-Maths-Mastery-Activities-PowerPoint_ver_5

Bronze_multilpy 4 digits by 1   Silver_multiplication 4 digits by 2 digits      Gold_multiplication mastery

Writing: Creative writing prompt 8

Science: Watch the powerpoint and create a factfile about one of the scientists – Lesson Presentation Theory of Evolution

Activity Sheet Great Scientists Mini-Biography

Science challenge: Which statements are  true or false  – Activity Sheet Evolutionary Ideas True or False


Maths: Bronze_add_sub     silveraddsub   Gold_add_sub

Writing: Creative writing prompt 7_Greek Myths     Storyboard Template for comic strip

Topic: Read  the attached lesson and make notes on Greek  Gods: Gods_Goddesses   Activity Sheet Greek Gods and Goddesses


Maths: Bronze_neg numbers Silver_Neg numbers   Neg numbers reasoning

Writing: Creative writing prompt 6

Reading: tour-de-france-differentiated-reading-comprehension-activity

French: Copy and paste the link (you can download the app for free) in  to  google and practise your French


Maths: Understanding negative numbers: Lesson-understanding_negative_numbers (1)

negative numbers worksheet   Challenge: Vertical Version – Negative Numbers

Resource to support: negative number line

Writing: Creative writing prompt 5

PE:  Type in the address on you tube and complete one of the 30min workouts




Maths – Numbers to 10 million – Silver_Gold

Maths – Numbers-to-10000 – Bronze




Creative writing prompt 1

RE: Research the ten commandments, then complete the activity below:

The Ten Commandments Activity



Maths: Lesson Presentation – numbers to 10 million

Numbers to 10000000


Creative writing prompt 2

Topic: Ancient Greece – Research and create a non- chronological report about the ancient Greeks. Either use the scaffold below or come up with your own headings.

Ancient Greece report


Maths: Lesson Presentation_rounding numbers  Bronze:The Nearest 10 Activity Sheet    Silver:The Nearest 100 Activity Sheet The Nearest 1000 Activity Sheet    Gold: Nearest 10, 100, 1000 Word Problems Activity Sheet

Writing: Creative writing prompt 3

Reading:   t2-e-2290-the-circulatory-system-differentiated-reading-comprehension-activity

Science: Lesson Presentation Adaptation   Activity Sheet Adaptive Traits



Maths: Rounding bronze Rounding silver Gold:rounding mastery

Writing: Creative writing prompt 4

RE: shabbat pictures      Instructions for Shabbat task

Reading: Choose a book and listen to the first chapter from the audio book link above. Write a summary of the first chapter.