Reginald Mitchell places reading at the heart of its curriculum. A range of reading opportunities are provided for the children to grow that love of reading whilst developing their skills, language and understanding.

At Reginald Mitchell we do the following:

  • Storytelling – each year group has books to ‘learn by heart’.
  • Shared reading
  • High quality texts are chosen for literacy and where it can be fed through into topic work it is done!
  • Themed days – we hold book themed days and events both as individual classes and across the whole school eg World Book Day and when introducing a new topic.
  • Book Fairs are held to allow all children the chance to look at new books of all genres and hopefully purchase a new book of their own to take home!
  • Our School Library – the use of our own library. Every child takes a book from our growing library to read at home alongside their ‘home-school’ banded reading book. Each class has a regular slot to visit our library.