Mission Statement

Our mission statement emphasises the need to work together and learn together within a caring environment demanding high standards and achievement.

Our school aims

  • To raise academic standards in a safe, stimulating and inclusive environment where all children take an active part in their learning.
  • Pupils will develop self-reliance, mutual trust and self confidence in a caring environment.
  • Pupils will gain social and personal skills through a personalised learning programme aimed at every child’s learning needs.
  • All pupils will contribute to our ever changing society through raised aspirations and confidence.
  • All pupils will develop their own beliefs and attitudes in an environment which fosters respect, tolerance and the understanding of religions and cultures.
  • The school will promote and reward high standards of behaviour installing a strong understanding of what is right and what is wrong.
  • We will develop our partnership between home and school and foster a community spirit which makes our school a focal part of the Butt Lane community.

We will assist pupils in leading a healthy and active lifestyle.